Friday, 22nd October 2021 at 03:35:46 A.M. EST


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2021 NFL Three and Out

All selections will be due each week on Friday by 10PM Eastern. Thursday/Saturday/Monday games will not be used for the contest. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If your selection isn't received you will receive a loss for the week. All decisions on this are final. I would suggest you don't wait till the last minute to send your selection, this is your responsibility and not mine.

You will receive a confirmation that your selection was received.

This is a winner take all contest. However there can be multiple winners.

Please see the rules page in the forum on the possibility of multiple winners.

2021 NFL Three and Out

 Prize Pool $3,000

Week 6 Final

Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9  Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Losses
Andy7 CIN DAL GB BAL LAC GB               0
Drjoeyc AZ CAR NO KC TB BAL               0
Bullfish KC DAL NO DAL DAL GB               1
Daddy Rabbit NO TN MN MN NO MN               1
FREAK NE DAL GB SEA NO MN               1
ParlayPaulie LAR DEN GB NYG BUF CLV               1
PickemPete PIT BAL GB NO GB KC               1
Tilted-2 SEA BUF MIA WAS SF MN               1
Wiley5-2 HOU IND TN TB TN BAL               1
Abovethevig2 HOU DAL DEN CLV LV PIT               2
Ajcove DEN TN LAC CHI SF NE               2
Alex BUF BUF BUF TB TN DAL               2
Billbob WAS PHI GB BAL DAL DAL               2
Brendris KC NE GB NO DAL GB               2
Clarence WAS NE SEA KC CHI LAR               2
Denny LAC LAR CLV TB TN GB               2
DJO205 SEA BUF ATL TB ATL MIA               2
Dodgyman HOU CIN NYG WAS NO LAR               2
Dpoll CLV DAL DET AZ CLV DET               2
Drjoeyc-2 NO DAL CIN DEN CIN LAR               2
Kbhirsch NE NE WAS KC PIT KC               2
RPIGeezer BUF DAL LVR BAL GB LAR               2
The Commish-2 SEA DEN BAL TN GB DAL               2
Unnamed Source NE DEN AZ WAS TB DEN               2
UpTwnClwn NO CHI LAR CAR KC AZ               2
Breadking CLV CIN LAR CAR BUF DET X             Out
DJO205-2 LAC LAR KC KC TN DEN X             Out
Dodgyman-2 TN DAL SEA BAL DET CAR X             Out
Go Broncos DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN X             Out
Go Niners Go TN HOU NYG BAL PIT CAR X             Out
L10 WAS DAL CLV SEA CLV NE X             Out
Sara Smile DEN DEN SEA TB NO LAC X             Out
Tilted CLV PHI CIN BAL KC CLV X             Out
Wiley5 NYJ CHI NYG LAR PHI WAS X             Out
Andrewran NE CHI NYG SEA CAR X X             Out
Big Joe PIT PIT AZ PIT LV X X             Out
Executioner CAR BAL GB HOU NYG X X             Out
Great Scott MN SF TB KC CAR X X             Out
Redwine NE DEN BAL SEA MN X X             Out
Big Cheese SF NO TB TB X X X             Out
Blo_Bandit SEA LAR LVR TB X X X             Out
Bridris NE LAR TN TB X X X             Out
Bullfish-2 TN AZ DEN TB X X X             Out
Jpearl CAR PIT GB TN X X X             Out
Lilliard43 NYJ MIA JAX ATL X X X             Out
Lilliard44 CHI IND IND MN X X X             Out
MileHighSalute GB HOU WAS HOU X X X             Out
SeanieMac NE CIN CIN CAR X X X             Out
Sir_Stewington-2 NE CAR NE DET X X X             Out
The Commish GB LAR TN TB X X X             Out
Vegas in TX WAS PIT NO MIA X X X             Out
Vegas in TX-2 TN DEN NYG NO X X X             Out
Birdie4me NE PIT LVR X X X X             Out
Fritski MN KC TB X X X X             Out
Groucho NE CLV BAL X X X X             Out
iWantWinners TN AZ CHI X X X X             Out
Lambeau GB PHI IND X X X X             Out
Sir_Stewington ATL NYJ NE X X X X             Out
Tinfw17 NE JAX PIT X X X X             Out
We Dem Boyz CHI X X X X X X             Out
Record 26-34 36-24 32-28 23-29 25-14 19-15                
Remain 60 60 52 39 34 25                
Eliminated 0 0 8 21 26 35                

Week 7 Lines

Three and Out
Cincinnati +6.5 vs Baltimore -6.5
Carolina -2.5 vs NY Giants +2.5
Washington +8.5 vs Green Bay -8.5
Kansas City -5.5 vs Tennessee +5.5
Atlanta -2.5 vs Miami +2.5
NY Jets +6.5 vs New England -6.5
Detroit +14.5 vs LA Rams -14.5
Philadelphia +2.5 vs Las Vegas -2.5
Chicago +12.5 vs Tampa Bay -12.5
Houston +18.5  vs Arizona -18.5
Indianapolis +4.5 vs San Francisco -4.5