2018 WSOP Main Event Champion.

In an epic battle that went back and forth John Cynn emerged victorious over Tony Miles.

The heads-up battle between Cynn and Miles lasted almost 10.5 hours, with records set for the most hands played heads-up to close out a WSOP main event 199 and the most total hands at a WSOP main event final table 442.

On the final hand, Cynn raised to 9 million with Kc-Jc before the flop, Miles reraised to 34 million with Qc-8h, and Cynn called. After a flop of Kh-Kd-5h, Miles bet 32 million and Cynn called. On the 8d turn, Miles went all-in for 114 million. After thinking for a minute, Cynn dropped in his chips to indicate a call, and it was all over.

Cynn won 8.8 million while Miles won 5 million for runner up.

Will be interesting to see what ESPN does to come up with their final table recap later this year. Bluffs will definitely be a focal point.

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