Happy Birthday to the forum !! It was 19 years ago this month that the forum made it's way into being a forum with it's own dedicated URL here.

I started doing forums on those free bulletin board sites way back in 1997. We blew those sites up where people couldn't join and had to keep moving to bigger sites until finally we came to our final destination and one well deserved.

The site likely could've been a lot bigger in hindsight if I chose a different name for the site. But let's me tell the story of how Freaks Forum came to be as it is known today.

Back in 1996, I opened an account at what was then sportsbook.com. I bet there for a while and one day they had a link that said join our sports forum. I was curious, clicked the link and went to Bettorsworld. Upon sign up, you were given the name of your account number at sportsbook.

I would post all kinds of information about the games, trends, angles, stats, stuff you just couldn't find on the internet back then because the net wasn't fully evolved as we know it today.

People would reply and ask how I got this information and I was putting it together myself by keeping track of results etc etc.

People starting saying dude your a freak, your a freak doing all of this but in a good way. I was helping others make money.

A guy on the forum started his own site and asked me to join his as well and I did. He had a funky NBA contest where he would set the lines on the games and they were always funky. You had to pick 25 games and whoever had the most picks correct out of 25 would win $2,000 at a sportsbook. Well I put my info to the test and of course with the lines being way off it was pretty easy. I went 24-1. Nobody was even close and once again, dude your a freak came out.

Well I saw this guys site and thought it was crap and I could do better. Thing is nobody knew my by any name but an account number. So I told everyone since they were calling me a Freak, I would call the board Freaks Forum. I figured that way people would know it was me. After I blew up the first bulletin board, I opened at a bigger free site and blew it up as well. Someone said why don't you get your own url, your own board and away we went.

So that's how FREAK's Forum became what it has been for 19 years at this location and for the couple years elsewhere.

There was a lot of help along the way from the get go and I didn't do it myself. Gianni was the backer and got it rolling for me. I had no clue what to do. Then there was our webmaster who did things behind the scenes. After a while of time, they said it's all yours and away I went solo.

A lot of sportsbooks were key in helping bring members aboard, 5 Dimes, Intertops, Betonline, The Big Book which became Bodog and in North America Bovada. The Greek, Pinnacle, Heritage, Wagerweb and so many others that are no longer in existence. The sponsoring of contests, the giveaway of free money.

I can't forget Sports Options of recent as they have been consistent in their product over the years.

Of course the beginning members of the site, Stewman21, Cisco, Bloodhounds, The Boy, Teaser, BobbyW and of course to today's great posters like Sailfish, TINFW17, Executioner, Daddy Rabbit , BeantownJim, Parlay Paulie, Birdie4me and all that contribute to the newsletters.

The Bad Man Contest has been the staple of the site since the get go and I am very thankful for all that enter every year.

I have given a lot of my time, effort, swear, tears and passion to this site for 19 years and again want to thank everyone that is a member that posts and to all the visitors that visit the site.

Here's to many more years to come.

Thanks again and Happy Birthday everyone. A day late in my post as the open date was 12/11/2000 but I am sure you can forgive me for the faux pas!

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