Iowa Announcer Suspended for using King Kong reference

This has struck a nerve with me for some reason. We are living in a time of totally insane idiots telling us what is insensitive language.

King Kong was the beast of beasts, the best of the best. Unstoppable, people were in fear of him. It took everything to stop him.

Maryland player Bruno Fernando was compared to King Kong by Iowa radio play by play announcer Gary Dolphin.

“That's some pretty good long-range shooting. Fernando was King Kong at the end of the game,” Dolphin said.

Ahhhh racist remarks? No
Insensitive remarks? No

Then what?

An announcer basically saying he was unstoppable and he had his way.

To me that's a compliment. If someone said man you played like King Kong out there. What's wrong with that, if King Kong were a basketball player who would stop him?

Nobody !!!!!!!!!!

Iowa University supported the decision by Learfield.


There has to be way more to the story here.

I digress but aren't we being pushed around by a bunch of people that want to control how we thing, how we act, what we say and how we say it?

You've heard announcers say he was a man among boys. Does that mean he is being referred to as a pedophile?

Seriously, I am surprised no one has come out and said it yet. Afterall Baby It's Cold Outside was supposedly a date rape or hold you hostage song right.

Give me a flipping break.

This so called era of PC is just nonsense.

I would be honored to be in the same area code of King Kong, that means I would be consider great, dominant and unstoppable.

This has nothing to do about color, race, gender or any other area you want to mosey on into, it's about stopping the madness.

Stop the insanity and think for yourselves, be yourselves, say what you feel and just be you. If it bothers someone that bad, show them the door and carry on.

What happened in Iowa is beyond insane, I can't even think of a word to describe how stupid it is.

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