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Enter the contest by picking one (winning) team in each of sixty-three (63) bracket spaces for the tournament, and by completing the other requested information. Once all the information is complete, click on the “Submit Selection” button. After confirming your entry you will be entered in the promotion. You can find your selections in your Account History at any time. Customers can enter their bracket selections from March 18th 2019 up to the start of the Round of 64 games on March 21st 2019. To allow us to open the contest as early as possible, we will initially enter all teams playing in the 'First Four' (March 13th and 14th). This will then be changed to the winning First Four teams after the results are known. It is the customer’s own responsibility to confirm his final bracket tips when the correct Round of 64 teams have been entered.

The March Madness Bracket is only for registered Intertops customers in North America. Only one competition entry per household/e-mail/IP will be accepted. The customer may modify his entry up to the entry cut-off time. The last version of a customer’s entry will be the valid entry. Customers must place bets in our sportsbook worth at least $100 accumulated between March 18th and March 31st 2019 to be eligible for a Bracket prize. Intertops rule 2.6 applies.

Prize structure: We will pay out the $25,000 main prize to a single customer with a valid competition entry containing 63 correct picks. Should more than one customer have a valid competition entry containing 63 correct picks, then the $25,000 prize will be equally divided among all verified winners. If no player manages to select a “perfect bracket”, the prize money will be divided equally among the 25 players with the highest number of correct picks. Should more than one player have the same amount of picks as the player ranked 25th, then these players will also be added to those eligible for the prize money. WINNERS WILL BE INFORMED OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL PRIZE BONUS CODE BY E-MAIL ON APRIL 10th 2019.

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