If you can't access the area it's one of two reasons:

1. You don't have the necessary amount of posts to access.
2. You haven't made a post in a while.

I've been asked why it's set up this way.

I tell it straight, I am tired of working my ass off, Sailfish, TINFW17 and Hopewin posting like mad and people don't post who they are making a wager on daily in the Bet The House area. This is a posting forum not an online newspaper where you read and leave.

I've being doing this 20+ years and need a reason to keep going. Member interaction does that for me. A post of a few selections daily takes but 15 seconds if that. Look at the all the information available from Paid Professionals, free plays, stats and trends, horse racing picks......... all posted everyday without fail.

I hate free loaders because they offer no value to society or to my site. So I ask that you step up, get to the plate and take part.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and get into the game..................

A post a day and your access will stay!