Welcome to the 2021 Bad Man Contest.

This contest tests your handicapping skills over the full NFL season. The concept is easy, you pick 5 games against the listed spread for the contest each week of the regular NFL season. You earn 1 point for each win and receive 0 points for each loss.

That's the easy part, the hard part is to be crowned Bad Man Champion at the end of the year. Many have tried but only a handful have done it. You'll have to defeat past champions on your way to the top. If you succeed you will earn the crown of Bad Man 2021 Champion.

2021 Bad Man Rules

1. The season long non-refundable entry fee is $100.00 via Pay Pal using the Friend to Friend option with no memo notes to freak@freaksforum.com or $100 by Zelle to freak@freaksforum.com The Bad Man contest will begin Sunday, September 12th, 2021 and conclude on Sunday, January 9th, 2022. Entries are open for the 2021 Bad Man contest as of this posting 6/4/2021

2. Bad Man is based on picking winning teams against the Bad Man contest line. Contestants must select five teams per week, per entry. Contestants may not select both sides of the same game on a single entry. However, contestants may select one side of the game on one entry and the opposite side of the same game on a separate entry.

3. Each contestant, may submit up to two entries. Each entry shall be treated as a separate entry for all purposes including prize distribution. Freak reserves the right to approve aliases (Contest Entry Name).

4. Contest winners will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during the Pro Football regular season. You earn 1 point for each win and receive 0 points for each loss.

5. Contestants must submit their weekly selections to the Bad Man contest mailbox by 11:00 PM Eastern time each Friday, except when contestant wishes to use any game that starts before the deadline. If a contestant wishes to use any game that is scheduled to start before this deadline, their weekly selections must be submitted prior to the start of those games. Thursday games will not be used in the contest with the exception of Thanksgiving games. Any contestant who fails to submit weekly selections by 11:00 PM Eastern time on Friday will be awarded zero points that week. This time deadline will be strictly enforced. Freaksforum reserves, in full, all rights in enforcing any time deadlines and Freaksforum decision will be final.

6. Only one card of weekly selections may be submitted per entry. In the event a contestant has two entries, the contestant must submit a separate card of weekly selections per entry. If more than one card of weekly selections is erroneously accepted for an entry, then the first card of weekly selections associated with the entry will be the official selections of record. Once you have submitted your picks, no changes are allowed.

7. There may be an occasion when selections will need to be submitted for the week by 11:00 PM Eastern on a Thursday evening. Contestants will be given advance notice of this if necessary.

8. The e-mail you send with your selections will become the official entry of record.

9. In the eventuality of a game cancellation or postponement, the game must be played by Tuesday of that week to be applied toward contest standings or contestant will be awarded zero points for that game. Note if there is a delay in the start of the season, the contest will begin at said time.

10. Contestant selections will be available on the Bad Man Web Page at the latest each Saturday morning. Current standings will be available in the Bad Man Web Page each Tuesday. Current standings and/or selections will be publicly posted and will be available at https://freaksforum.com/badman.shtml

11. Prizes will be based on 50% for First Place, 30% for Second Place and 20% for Third Place. Any tie for position will be split. For example if two people tie for first place, they will split first and second place prize money. If there is a three or more tie for first the three paying prizes will be split equally. If first place is won solely and there is a tie for Second Place, then Second and Third Place money will be split among all second place finishers. If First and Second Place is won solely and there is a Tie for Third Place, all entrants tied for Third Place will split the Third Place Prize.

12. The Pro Football regular season must consist of at least 10 weeks for Bad Man to be considered valid. If the regular season is shortened to less than 10 weeks, Bad Man will be canceled and all entry fees will be refunded. Entry fees will not be refunded other than for cancellation of the contest. Entries are non-transferable.

13. Sign-up deadline is 9PM Eastern time on Friday, September 10, 2021.

14. Entry fees will not be refunded other than for the cancellation of Bad Man.

15. After the final winners are posted, a three (3) business day verification period will be allowed. Any disputes with the contest and the results or prize allocation must be provided to FREAK in writing within this verification period. At the end of this time, Bad Man results will be declared official. In the event of a dispute, the decision of FREAK is final.

16. Every dollar is paid out from this contest. Winners are encouraged to tip, it helps offset the time and effort put into the contest every week. Thank You in advance.

17. Freaksforum reserves all rights, including the right to make changes to the contest rules and format or cancel the contest at any time.

18 Freaksforum may disqualify any person from the Bad Man Contest based upon Freaksforum belief of the possible commission of fraud, dishonest, violation of contest rules or other misconduct whether or not related to this contest which includes harassment via e-mail.

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