I wanted to take a moment and personally THANK all new members for joining the forum. I know there are a lot of choices out there but I am going to cut to the chase. This site has had one owner (ME) since 1995. I've always treated EVERYONE with respect and look at the members as being a part of my family. Other sites are shoving multiple sites down your throat and send you e-mailers with offers for those sites. They do this to make money off of you. When you LOSE, they WIN. From day one, I've been about helping people win, give as much information as possible to win and to have members that have that same mindset. After all, we are here to WIN and if we help each other do that, then we've all won in the end.

I've been e-mailed why do you have the five post rule before allowing access to certain areas of the forum.

1. To eliminate spam...... if someone makes five posts then spams, no worries, they will be banned.
2. I want participation from the members. A forum is only as good as it's members. If everyone lurked and just took the information, what good is it to have a site? I don't think making a post when you visit is going to kill you. Sailfish, TINFW17 and myself post a ton of information. Whether it's Paid Professionals, Free Plays or Daily Horse Racing selections on every North American thoroughbred track, it's a lot of work. Then throw in Hopewin, Sleestak, Jpearl and others who contribute, it's not much to ask for you to give back by making a post in the daily Bet The House thread or partake in other parts of the forum. The old adage scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is totally in play here. Plus I like to know who the players are betting because it might help me to make some winning wagers as well as everyone else. You might see something I don't and hey let's be real we are ALL in this TOGETHER.

You won't find any other site that does what I do on a personal level and how I maintain the forum. There's no fighting, no back stabbing, no spam, no bs period, I just don't tolerate any of it. If someone slips by after making five good posts, no worries, I will deal with them quickly.

I am an e-mail away. I might not answer immediately but you will get a reply.

Did I mention football contests? I pay for my own entries and don't take anything out to run the contests. The money that is paid into the contests, all of it is has been paid out for 20 years. I've never stiffed a person one penny. Another forum owner stiffed his own members and like sheep they still hold out hope several years later. Sorry not happening. You have other forums that take out 10-20% of the buy in for the person keeping track of the standings. Why?

I do all the work for the contests, from putting the lines out, to e-mailing everyone involved, to maintaining the standings for all to see. It's a ton of work but I have the longest running football contest on the web and NO ONE can dispute that and never has or will because you won't find one.

Again I wanted to express my sincere thanks and if you know of any other like minded people, please refer them on over and tell them to use your posting name so I know they are good to go.

Together WE CAN, Together WE WILL !!!

Carpe Diem

A post a day and your access will stay!