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UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Spann raiderguy101 Yesterday at 09:02 AM
Kyle Anthony 5% Pannie Kianzad +110

In a preliminary bout, Pannie Kianzad faces Raquel Pennington…

This is a situation where the younger rising talent faces a grizzled vet.

Raquel Pennington has been known for her brawling mentality and willingness to move forward trading shots. With a current MMA record of 11-8 she's seemingly on a down turn and her most recent fight displayed that. Against Marion Reneau who's 44 years old, 0-5 in last 5 UFC appearances and at that time heading towards retirement… even with all that, Pennington looked very unimpressive in the win. Most of the time holding Marion up against the fence jockeying for position and at times losing control with basic grappling mistakes. Striking exchanges were also sloppy on both parts with iffy defense and thats something Kianzard can capitalize on. Although a decision win for Pennington, it was very lackluster. Overall yes, she's faced some tough competition but mostly still relevant in the UFC due to her name recognition. Over the last few years Pennington is who she is at this point, there's no surprises. Game plan is always moving forward swing toe to toe. Against someone like Pannie Kianzad who's a rising talent in the division, highly technical on her feet with fantastic hand speed and counter striking ability is the perfect match up for success at plus money. Currently Kianzad's on a 4 fight winning streak beating some tough opponents along the way like Sijara Eubanks and Alexis Davis. Both those bouts Kianzad was a client play winner and I'm going to continue backing her until the odds catch up to her skill level. Not only did Pannie show her toughness against two very strong willed females with solid chins, ..but thats basically the exact style she's going to face against Raquel Saturday night. The game plan for her won't change and somewhat should be overly prepared with minimal worry of takedowns, Pannie can utilize her much higher level striking all fight long. Each bout she continues elevating and her path to victory will be her hands. With a background in boxing and crisp combinations mixed in with good footwork and a strong check left hook spells problems for Pennington who's striking defense is filled with holes. From the opening bell in round 1 I believe the hand speed advantage for Kianzad will be displayed. There's potential for a dominating performance win from Kianzad.

5% Best Bet: Pannie Kianzad (+110)
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9/20 Bet The House FREAK 09/13/21 07:58 PM
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9/21 Bet The House FREAK 09/13/21 07:57 PM
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9/20 Horse Racing FREAK 09/13/21 07:51 PM
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9/21 Horse Racing FREAK 09/13/21 07:51 PM
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9/21 Statistical Advantages FREAK 09/13/21 04:31 AM
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Ignition/Bovada Poker Tournament Glitch DJO205 09/12/21 03:07 AM
Anyone else noticed that for the past week or so the 'Current Position' just shows 0 of 0 no matter what position and how many people are in the tournament? This drives me nuts and I reported on the forums, but no resolution yet.
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NFL Week 1 Info FREAK 09/11/21 03:42 PM
Chris Andrews - South Point Sportsbook Manager

Pittsburgh at Buffalo (-6, 48)

I opened Buffalo -6. Sharps laid the -6 and -6.5 When I got to -7, we took a $100,000 bet on Pittsburgh plus the points. I dropped to six. We’re probably going to need Buffalo, needless to say. This total opened at 50.5. Sharps bet it all the way down to 48. Should be a heavily bet game by kickoff. Highest-profile game of the early starts.

NY Jets at Carolina (-4, 44.5)

Not much interest yet. We opened Carolina -5. I moved down to -4 after one relatively sharp bet on the dog. Money is starting to come back on the Panthers. What you could call “New York money” used to find its way to Las Vegas when the Jets or Giants were good. New Jersey legalizing sports betting probably changed that. Neither is expected to be good this year anyway. The total has been bet up from 43 to 44.5 on fairly sharp action. Probably not going to be a heavily bet game unless major news breaks.

Jacksonville (-3, 45.5) at Houston

Another quiet one. I opened Jags -2.5. It was bet up to the key number of three. I also had some decent money line play on Jacksonville at -145 (correlated to -2.5). Why are the inexperienced Jags favored? I only gave Houston one point for home field advantage. Sharps are definitely starting to take the Texans at + 3. The opening total of 44.5 was bet up to 45.5. Some sharps are now hitting the Under at that price.

Arizona at Tennessee (-3, 53)

My opener of Tennessee -2.5 was bet up to -3. Sharps definitely liked the Titans at less than a field goal. They weren’t laying the three, though. No interest showing yet on Arizona. I think this game will settle on the three. Smart money would probably fade any half-point move in either direction. Sharp action drove my opening total of 51 up to 53. You can pretty much assume all early totals moves are sharp. The public doesn’t start betting totals until very late in the week. Sharps particularly make Over bets right away, knowing the public likes rooting for points.

LA Chargers at Washington (-1, 45)

We’ve had a favorite flip here. I opened Chargers -1.5. Sharps took + 1.5, + 1 and kept playing Washington at pick-em. We weren’t at pick-em very long. Pretty even action right now at the one. This game could get tricky for books on Sunday if Washington goes to -1.5 That would bring in a lot of six-point teaser players on the Chargers + 7.5 (crossing both the three and the seven). Something to watch for. A lot of bettors (and pundits) are looking for somebody besides San Francisco and the Los Angeles Rams to use in six-point teasers.

Philadelphia at Atlanta (-3.5, 48)

I opened Atlanta -4. Bettors took the + 4, and took + 3.5. But, money came back strong on Atlanta at -3. Tough for casual observers to understand, but sharps can like both sides in the same game depending on the line. It’s very clear from the money that wiseguy action comes in on Atlanta -3 and Philadelphia + 4. The right answer to “who do the sharps like?” always depends on the line. This total opened 47, and was bet up to 48. Another example of sharps betting an Over before the public acts.

Seattle (-3, 49.5) at Indianapolis

We’ve been all over the place on this one. I opened Seattle -1 a few months ago. Then, all the Indianapolis injury news hit this summer. We went up to -3 on the news. Sharps took the three. But, after a drop to 2.5, sharps came in hard on Seattle. We’re heavy on the Seahawks at -2.5. This total has also moved a lot. I opened 48, went as high as 52, then came back down to 49.5. Sharps like the Over at 49 or better and Under 50 or better.

Minnesota (-3, 48) at Cincinnati

I opened Vikings -3.5. They took Cincinnati + 3.5, so I dropped to 3. Bettors are laying -3 right now, but probably not enough to make me move back to 3.5. I see numbers trending lower elsewhere. On the total, sharps bet Over my opener of 47.5, but I’m getting a lot of Under play at 48.

San Francisco (-8, 45) at Detroit

My opener of San Francisco -7.5 was bet up to -8 on a combination of sharp and public play. This may end up being a replay of Tampa Bay/Dallas, where the Bucs were bet up to -9 and beyond because of team side and teaser play. You probably know a lot of guys who teased Tampa Bay with San Francisco or the LA Rams. Everyone still wants to tease the Niners. Sportsbooks may have to defend again by lifting SF to -9 or -9.5. Nobody’s betting Detroit yet. This total dropped from 46 to 45 on sharp play. A little more meaningful because sharps didn’t wait to see if the public would drive the Over. They were happy to get Under 46.

Cleveland at Kansas City (-5.5, 54.5)

The sharper side is definitely Cleveland so far. We don’t have to go begging for Kansas City money from the public. But, sharps were aggressive on the dog at + 6. I’m pretty well-balanced on the game right now at 5.5. No movement on the total. That tells you sharps don’t like the Over, or they would have already acted. Assume the wiseguys are waiting to see if Under value presents itself.

Miami at New England (-3, 43)

We opened Patriots -2 months ago. Bettors laid -2, then laid -2.5. When I got the news about Mac Jones being named starter a couple of weeks ago, I went straight to -3 without taking any bets. It’s not that I love Jones. But, seeing coach Bill Belichick be so decisive is probably a good sign for the team. Money is still coming in on New England. I believe we’ll at least test -3.5 before kickoff. Nothing but Under play on the total. Sharps took Under my opener of 45, and then bought more at 44.5 and 44. They must have figured the public wouldn’t bet the Over with inexperienced quarterbacks on the field.

Denver (-3, 42) at the NY Giants

This one opened pick-em. Sharps bet Denver at pick, -1, -1.5, -2, and -2.5. I finally stopped the wiseguy onslaught at -3. I’m evening out at that price. I’ll definitely need the Giants. On the total, I got one sharp bet Under the opener of 42.5 and dropped to 42.

Green Bay (-3.5, 50) vs. New Orleans (in Jacksonville)

When the game was scheduled to be played in New Orleans, I opened Green Bay -2.5 and got bet up to -3. When it was moved to Jacksonville because of the damage done by hurricane Ida, we announced a refund for all of those earlier bets. then reopened Green Bay -4. I’m down to 3.5 with pretty even action. No movement at all on the total. Again, that means sharps don’t like the Over, or they would have jumped in by now.

Chicago at the LA Rams (-7.5, 46.5)

I opened this game Rams -7. Sharps bet me up to -7.5 I’m seeing a lot of guys buying the favorite down to seven. Here at the South Point, you can pay -125 on the money line to move -7.5 down to -7. (If you’re wondering, it costs -135 to move -3.5 down to -3, -120 on other half points). I mentioned earlier that the Rams will be a very popular six-point teaser choice as long as bettors can cross the seven and the three. Sportsbooks may have to move to nine to defend. That may be what it takes to bring in Chicago money. Not much showing yet. A lot of action on the total. We opened at 44.5. Then we see-sawed about a bit around 45. Over money has been coming in stronger of late. I’m at 46.5 now. Prime time TV games often drive Over money because of public preferences.
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NCAAF Week 1 Info FREAK 09/03/21 06:45 PM
Chris Andrews South Point Sports Book Director

Despite pundits predicting that football betting would decline in Las Vegas when other states started to legalize, I can report from the frontlines that sportsbooks are busier than ever entering the first full week of 2021 college action.

That was helped by having a high-profile game like Ohio State-Minnesota inspire a lot of betting Thursday night. Wait ‘til you see the handle Clemson-Georgia creates before its prime-time Saturday kickoff. I’ve said from the very beginning that I thought widespread legalization would grow all markets. That’s 100% what’s happened here at the South Point and throughout Las Vegas.

But enough about that, it’s time to look at what’s been happening in betting markets in all the marquee TV matchups through Labor Day Weekend. I’ll include Sunday and Monday nights in this report. Games are presented in Nevada Rotation order so you can make notes on your schedules. I’ll only mention Over/Unders in games where I’ve moved the line as of publication deadlines.

Saturday, Sept. 4

Stanford vs. Kansas State (-3, 53) (in Arlington)
FS1, noon ET
I opened the game at pick-em and our first bet was actually on Stanford. We took more action on Stanford -1.5. I went all the way up to Stanford -2.5 (as recently as August 14) before Kansas State money showed. When it showed, it showed hard. The line has moved all the way to Kansas State -3. I’m lopsided on K-State, but those were real bets on Stanford early on. Could those early Stanford bets have been so-called “head fakes?” It’s possible, but 1 and 2 aren’t very common final margins in the big picture. And college games can’t land on zero. Sharps are more likely to bet creatively around key numbers.

No. 19 Penn State at No. 12 Wisconsin (-5.5, 50)
FOX, noon ET
This was one of the “games of the year” we posted months ago. I opened Wisconsin -5 and we took some early money on the dog. When I “re-opened” the game recently, I went up at Wisconsin -4.5. Sharps laid -4.5 and then -5. I’m at -5.5 right now. It’s not yet a heavily-bet, game but I expect a lot of action between now and kickoff for such a high-profile Big Ten battle. Penn State money may be waiting patiently to see if it can get a 6.

West Virginia (-3, 57.5) at Maryland
ESPN, 3:30 p.m. ET
Pretty good two-way action here. I opened West Virginia -4. Sharps took Maryland at + 4, + 3.5, and + 3. I went all the way down to -2.5, which brought West Virginia backers. Right now, I’m a solid 3. One of those situations where there’s two-way action, but most of it’s around the 3, which would get us middled if the game lands exactly on that number. I think a move in either direction would invite an immediate buy back. Both sides are waiting to see if they can get that key half point. We did have a move on the total here, as my opener of 56 has been bet up to 57.5.

No. 17 Indiana at No. 18 Iowa (-3.5, 46)
BTN, 3:30 p.m. ET
This was another “game of the year” option months ago. I opened Iowa -5 and took some money on Indiana, but not enough to move the line. I re-opened at the 5. Since, sharps took + 5, took + 4.5 and took + 4. I went all the way down to 3 before Iowa money started to show; now, I’m doing even business at 3.5. Points are more precious in games with low totals and 46 is low for a college game. Informed money presents itself on Iowa -3, or Indiana at + 4 or better.

No. 1 Alabama (-19.5, 61.5) vs. No. 14 Miami-FL (in Atlanta)
ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET
Here’s an interesting one. This was obviously on my “games of the year” slate, and I opened Alabama -13.5. It got bet all the way up to -17.5 back then. I re-opened at -17.5, and got bet up again! Sharps took the game all the way to -19, and then -19.5. Nobody’s beating down the doors to bet Miami, I can tell you that. It will probably take + 20 to bring in Miami money. Some play on the total here, with my opener of 62.5 getting bet down to 61.5.

No. 23 Louisiana at No. 21 Texas (-8, 58)
FOX, 4:30 p.m. ET
I’ve written a ton of business on this game. I opened Texas -10 on the “games of the year” slate. It got bet down to Texas -9. When I re-opened at -9, more money came in on the dog. I dropped to 8. At Texas -8, they started to come back the other way. As I write this, many stores in the market have moved to Texas -8.5. It will take a bet here at the South Point to lift our line. By the time you read this, that may have happened.

Texas Tech (-1, 65) at Houston
ESPN, 7 p.m. ET
This matchup has been overshadowed by many others Saturday, but it’s the prime-time game on ESPN so I wanted to include it. Gives me a chance to mention that I took one of the biggest bets all summer on Texas Tech to go Over its Regular Season Win total. Here at the South Point, we only count conference games. I had Tech at 2.5 conference victories in the Big 12, with the Under priced at -150 on the moneyline. (You can tell I wasn’t very optimistic about Tech’s chances). I had a customer bet $5,000 on the Over at + 130, then $5,000 more at + 120, and again at + 110, -105, -120 and -135. All $5,000 each! A huge move on the moneyline couldn’t dissuade him.
For this Texas Tech, Houston game, my opener was bet down from Tech -2.5 to -1. The total is down from 65.5 to 65.

No. 5 Georgia vs. No. 3 Clemson (-3, 51) (in Charlotte)
ABC, 7:30 p.m. ET
Obviously this showcase showdown was on the “game of the year” list. I opened Clemson -4. Sharps took Georgia + 4 and + 3.5. I’m now at 3. Pretty good two-way business. I’m hoping I don’t have to move off the 3. That 51 is a low Over/Under for a college blockbuster, which makes Clemson by exactly 3 more likely. To me, this has “field goal game” written all over it. I opened the total at 52 and they bet me Under 52 and Under 51.5. I’m at 51 right now.

No. 16 LSU (-3, 65.5) at UCLA
FOX, 8:30 p.m. ET
A lot of business on this one. When the “games of the year” came out, I opened LSU -2. Sharps laid -2, -2.5 and -3. I went up to 4, and they laid that. I started getting money back on UCLA at + 4.5. More recently, with the hurricane hitting Louisiana and disrupting team preparations, sharps bet UCLA at + 4, 3.5 and + 3. I’m down to 2.5 as I write this. I dropped my opening Over/Under of 66.5 down to 65.5 on one bet.

BYU (-12.5, 54) vs. Arizona (in Las Vegas)
ESPN, 10:30 p.m. ET
BYU always travels well. We’ve seen that firsthand here in Las Vegas for local bowl appearances. I did downgrade BYU in my Power Ratings from last year, but Arizona could be very bad this season, and may not be competitive against the Cougars. I opened BYU -11. They laid -11, -11.5 and -12. I’m at -12.5 right now, but I’ll go to -13 if I see other stores rise that high. Sharps are already in on the favorite at prices they like. Visitors from Provo will have to pay a higher premium between now and kickoff.

Sunday, Sept. 5

No. 9 Notre Dame (-7.5, 56) at Florida State
ABC, 7:30 p.m. ET
Another great betting attraction. With the “games of the year,” I opened Notre Dame -6. Sharps climbed the ladder, laying chalk all the way up to -9.5. Then the line started coming back down, with dog money hitting FSU + 9.5, + 8.5, and + 8. I was at + 7.5 for awhile, but dropped the game to seven as I was writing this. (Oddsmakers know how to multi-task!) Fighting Irish fans will like seeing the seven. We usually don’t have to go begging for Notre Dame money. Already a lot of action, so this will be a very high-handle game by Sunday night.

Monday, Sept. 6

Ole Miss (-10.5, 76) vs. Louisville (in Atlanta)
ESPN, 8 p.m. ET
I opened Ole Miss -8, and sharps laid that. I jumped straight to -9 … they laid that. I jumped to 10 … and they kept betting. Finally, a trickle of Louisville bets came in at + 10.5, so I went back to 10. It’s a bit early for the public to bet the total. We’re getting some two-way action so far on the total at 76. Generally, the public wants to root for points, while sharps want to bet Unders when they think a total has gotten too high. We’ll definitely see that in play Monday before kickoff.

Have a great Labor Day weekend! I’ll return for the opening kickoff of the NFL season with the Cowboys and Bucs in our next report.
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Combate Global 9/3 FREAK 09/02/21 05:37 PM
Ian Parker

Ricky Bandejas vs. Kevin Cordero

Ricky Bandejas will be taking on newcomer Kevin Cordero. Bandejas is coming off an impressive win in his Combate debut, putting on a full display of his skills. I believe the experience and level of competition that Bandejas has fought will be the key factor.

Prediction: Ricky Bandejas

Eduardo Torres vs. Nohelin Hernandez

Eduardo Torres will be looking to keep his undefeated streak going as he takes on Nohelin Hernandez. I believe Torres gets it done with his submission game, especially because that is where Hernandez seems to struggle.

Prediction: Eduardo Torres

Jordan Beltran vs. Joziro Boye

This should be your typical striker versus grappler matchup. Joziro Boye will look to avoid the takedown attempts of Jordan Beltran and keep the fight standing, where he will have the clear advantage in striking.

Prediction: Joziro Boye
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NFL Picks suwanee 08/29/21 01:02 PM
Gimme gimme gimme the

Atlanta Falcons +3 vs Cleveland Browns first half play

Looking to see some starters to go deep into the first half for the Falcons.
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Week 0 Info FREAK 08/27/21 04:19 PM
Chris Andrews South Point Sports Book Director

Nebraska (-7, 55) at Illinois

FOX, 1 p.m. ET

I opened Nebraska -8.5 back in July. Sharps bet that all the way down below the key number of -7 to -6.5. Then, money started coming in on Nebraska, driving the number back to -7. I see some stray 6.5’s floating around elsewhere in the market. We know the wiseguys really like Illinois at + 7.5 or better. I don’t expect the public to come in hard on Nebraska -7. Yes, recreational bettors generally prefer favorites, but Nebraska hasn’t been playing well enough under head coach Scott Frost to trust laying a touchdown.

I’ve been watching the money line closely in this one. About midway through every season, we look back at the first week and ask “can you believe so-and-so was an underdog in that game?” Illinois is the cheapest dog this week. And new head coach Bret Bielema has a proven track record in the Big Ten. I currently have Nebraska -260 to win the game (risk $260 to win $100, or anything in that ratio), Illinois + 220 to spring the upset (risk $100 to win $220). There have been some sharp nibbles at + 220, but not enough to move the line. Let’s see what happens between now and kickoff.

The Nebraska/Illinois total opened 55. It didn’t move until Thursday afternoon when it dropped to 54.5 after some Under bets. Not much to report on most of these Over/Unders yet.

Hawaii at UCLA (-17.5, 68)

ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET

I opened UCLA -17.5. Bettors took the points, but then laid back some when I dropped the line to -17. I see a few 18’s out there as I write this. So, I think the number will start heading up. Sharps that like the favorite are in at -17. I haven’t seen any appetite yet for the underdog. We’ll see how far the public lifts Chip Kelly’s side. Dog lovers may buy back just before kickoff. I don’t have a sense yet if that would be at + 18.5, + 19, or more. There aren’t any key numbers between 17.5 and 19.5.

UTEP (-10, 59) at New Mexico State

9:30 p.m. ET

This one surprised me. I opened the game UTEP -7. Sharps bet the game all the way up to -10. They’re even laying -10. I’ve seen a 10.5 pop up in the market, but I haven’t moved there yet. I understand that New Mexico State is bad, and didn’t play any games last year … but this is UTEP! How can “UTEP on the road” be a hill to die on?

Sharps made their stand, and I’ll likely be rooting for the ugly home dog. It’s not like the public is going to bet New Mexico State in a game that’s not on TV. There’s just no way for me to balance the books here without creating a huge middle.

Quite a bit of play on the total. I opened 54.5. It’s all the way up to 59 based on sharp action. The public doesn’t bet Over/Unders this far in advance. That sharp combination of UTEP and Over (at the earlier numbers) is telling you respected money expects a big offensive performance from the Miners.

Connecticut at Fresno State (-27.5, 62.5)

CBS Sports, 2 p.m. ET

Note the time change. This is near the bottom of the schedule but starts early (11 a.m. here in Las Vegas). My opener of Fresno State -27 was bet up to -27.5. I wouldn’t call that sharp money. If sharps liked Fresno State with any enthusiasm, they would have bet the game up to -28 (or beyond).

A quick side note: Connecticut is another of the teams that didn’t play at all last season. We already talked about New Mexico State. A third team, Old Dominion, opens next Friday at Wake Forest. How should handicappers and oddsmakers deal with that extremely rare quirk?

Honestly, it didn’t affect my thinking at all, as UConn and New Mexico State are already bad teams -- there’s not much room to get worse than they already are. I actually lifted ODU a couple of points in my power ratings after reading some good things about them.

I don’t think you should let that missed season influence your analysis. How good are the players? How good are the coaches? That’s what matters.

Southern Utah at San Jose State

CBS Sports, 10 p.m. ET

This matchup isn’t part of the “official” Nevada rotation. Sportsbooks will offer it to customers because it’s a nationally televised game involving a board conference (San Jose State is defending champion of the Mountain West). I personally don’t follow Southern Utah. I trust Jeff Sagarin’s computer ratings in USA Today to put me in the ballpark. I’ll also watch what other sportsbooks are doing before posting an opener at the South Point.

As of Thursday afternoon, I was already seeing stores put San Jose up at -24 or so. I’ll let the dust settle before game day, then put up something Saturday morning (at the latest) for our customers.
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If you like to use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin then this bonus is for you. Note this is for first time use in using bitcoin, bitcoin cash or litecoin. So if you used either before, you can't get this deposit. So be sure you know if you did or not.


How to Get Your Bitcoin Sports Bonus

Log in to your Bovada account.

Redeem this Sports Bonus Code while making a Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin deposit: BTCSWB750

The Promotion consists of one (1) 75% match bonus up to $750, and is valid only on a Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin Deposit.
The bonus code, BTCSWB750, can be redeemed once per player only on their first deposit, using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.
The bonus is only eligible for use in Sportsbook, Racebook, and Casino. It is not available for Poker.
The maximum value of the Promotion per player is $750.
You may use your bonus on any sport, wager type and odds.
Once the bonus code has been redeemed, players must meet the rollover requirements.
Only activity following code redemption counts towards fulfilling the bonus requirements.
Rollover is 5X Sports/5X Horses/30X Casino on both the initial deposit and the bonus amount.

"Rolled Over" means that your total online betting action must meet the amount deposited, including the bonus. Rollover in our Sportsbook, for winning wagers, will be determined by the lesser of your risk or win amount at the time of wager settlement; for losing wagers your risk amount will be credited to your rollover contribution.

If a withdrawal is made before the bonus terms are met, all bonus funds AS WELL as any money earned by wagering the bonus will be forfeited.

Bonus funds cannot be used for play on Live Dealer games.

Play in Craps or Live Dealer does not count toward meeting rollover requirements for withdrawal.

All other games contribute to rollover requirements; however, certain games may have a greater contribution than others. For more information please view our wagering contribution chart.
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