Avoid gambling with FortuneJack, they’re scummy and use bogus terms and conditions to fuck players over. Imagine canceling bets after grading them as wins and coming up with frivolous excuses for doing so.

A few things:...

Their terms state they have a maximum payout per bet of €100,000, yet they accept bets with estimated payouts of more than €100,000. Moreover, they don't alert people to that in any way shape or form when placing bets, you find out after winning and they give you their max payout. This clause is well hidden in their t&c, but I digress.

The bets in questions did not surpass the €100,000 payout limit per bet. They paid out just one of 4 bets - €95,000. from a total of €200,000 in winnings, claiming the other 3 bets were identical to the first bet and so canceled them. If the said bets had lost, I doubt placing “identical” bets would have been an issue. There is nothing identical about 1X2 and “Who will win the rest of the match in-running” - They are two totally different markets.